100% Ater’s Hand Woven Alpaca Scarves

Most of these are 100% alpaca hand woven scarves and hats. However, to achieve a contrasting color pattern, the scarf (as noted), may have a minor amount of silk or 100% lamb’s wool in addition to the alpaca fiber. All of these scarves are either single or double lace or sport weight yarn and will run between 4” to 8” wide and from 48 to 74” long. Prices run from $60.00 to $120.00.

You can contact us at: info@atersalpacas.com for prices and specific scarf dimensions of the scarves, or should you desire a custom loomed scarf. Prices are the same for most custom scarfs, and the deliver time for a duplicate or custom scarf is from 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the availability of the yarn.

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